With a concentration in fibers, students acquire technical skills in weaving and fabric decoration, including printing and dyeing. They also learn about material properties, material sourcing, and major current developments in the field of fibers. Students learn to formulate and express creative ideas in fiber-based media through the use of color, design, and pictorial vocabularies. They develop portfolios and presentations that include sketches and work samples while formulating and articulating their career objectives.

"I love the moment when something clicks for a student, when really complicated things start to come together piece by piece, and it all starts to make sense for them. It's such a beautiful moment when students get energized by whatever it is they're excited about. Seeing that energy and that passion build is special. When students bring things from their world into their work, from their life and experiences, it becomes powerful. It is not just an assignment anymore but a way for them to talk about their life or what they want to see for our world."
-Madelaine Corbin, faculty

Career opportunities

  • Fabric designer
  • Apparel designer
  • Pattern maker
  • Textile designer
  • Colorist

Area coordinator

  • Heather Macali (MFA)
    Associate Professor of Fibers and Fashion