Design shapes every aspect of our physical and digital lives- from the tools we use, the vehicles that move us, the spaces we occupy, the clothes we wear, the signs that guide us, the environments that inform us. Design is everywhere and it is central to innovation, sustainability, and the economy. Design students learn to apply their creativity to the world around them, combining conceptual understanding with critical thinking.

We offer a range of degree and elective options because we believe that all WSU students should have the opportunity to explore their creativity and discover design. We offer focused concentrations in graphic, interior, industrial / product, and fashion design.


Fashion Merchandising



  • BFA Design
  • BFA Design w/honors
  • BA or BS in Design and Merchandising
  • BA or BS, in Design and Merch, Honors


  • Studio Art Master of Arts (MA)
  • Studio Art Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


  • Design
  • Textile Design