Each entering student in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts is assigned an academic advisor. Your advisor will guide you to articulate your goals, create your individualized plan of work, and identify other opportunities and resources that will enhance your growth and success. Your advisor serves as your primary guide and resource as you progress through your major, and he or she may refer you to the CFPCA Success Coach for additional support. For prospective students with questions about our programs, feel free to contact an advisor in your program of interest.

Schedule an advising appointment

  • First year students will meet your advisor when addending a freshman orientation session before the first semester begins.
  • Transfer students will make an appointment with your advisor after being admitted to review your transfer courses and create a plan of work.
  • Veterans vist the Office of Military and Veterans Academic Excellence is housed in the University Advising Center
  • All students should plan to meet with your advisor at least once per year.

Art and Art History

  • Avanti Herczeg

    Avanti Herczeg

    Advises for the following programs:

    • BFA, Design
      •  Fashion (not Merchandising), Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design
    • BA, Art History
    • All Incoming Exploratory Fine Arts Students (EFA)

    Office location: 150 Art Building

  • Michele Porter

    Michele Porter

    Advises for the following programs:

    • BA, Art
    • BFA, Art
      • Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing, Fibers, Metals, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture
    • BS/BA, Design and Merchandising
      • Fashion Merchandising

    Office location: 150 Art Building


  • Dan Hanrath

    Dan Hanrath

    Advises for all music majors.

    Office location: 1332 Old Main

    All prospective freshman and transfer students should email Academic Services Officer, Mickayla Chapman to inquire about programs, auditions, and applications. 


  • Jessica Greenwald

    Jessica Greenwald

    Advises for the following majors: 

    • Journalism (Print and Broadcast)
    • New Media minors and returning students

    Office location: 585 Manoogian Hall

  • Mary Grenfell

    Mary Grenfell

    Advises for the following majors:

    • Communication Studies
    • Public Relations
    • Exploratory Communication students

    Office location: 585 Manoogian Hall

  • Cleo Moody

    Cleo Moody

    Advises for the following majors:  

    • Film
    • Media Arts and Studies

    Office location: 585 Manoogian Hall

Theatre and Dance

  • Erika Robinson

    Advises for all Theatre and Dance majors

    Office location: 3226.4 Old Main