Congratulations, you are almost there! However, there is much to be done to ensure a successful transition to your next phase. Graduation is not the end, instead it is the beginning of a future filled with limitless possibilities. This page is designed to help you easily navigate the graduation process and access the tools and resources necessary for a seamless transition to the next chapter in your story. 

You are strongly encouraged to complete and review steps 1-3. Steps 4 and 5 offer information to assist you with your job search process or direct you to application links for graduate school while highlighting possible funding sources offered by the university. Step 6 offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the benefits associated with becoming a Creative Warrior Alumnus.

Contact Maya Calloway Richardson with questions or direct assistance with the graduation process.

Contact: College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, Academic Services Officer II

1. Academic Advising Credit Review

Your academic advisor has been with you throughout your journey. It is more than fitting that they help you ensure that you have satisfied all degree requirements prior to your application for graduation. Schedule your advising appointment for a degree audit today! 

2. Graduation Application

You must apply for graduation after your advising appointment. Your application must be completed in Academica no later than the end of the fifth week of classes in the semester you plan on graduating

To submit an application:

  1. Log in to Academica 
  2. Select Student Resources
  3. Select Student Records 
  4. Select Apply for Degree or Certificate

Note that applying for graduation does not guarantee that you have satisfied all of your degree requirements. It is simply the first step in the process. Degree verification and certification is not finalized until 6-8 weeks after final grades have posted. It is extremely important that you continue to check your email for all graduation related communication and respond in a timely manner.

Please visit: for more information on the application process and commencement. 

3. Loan and Financial Literacy

Financial awareness is important at all stages of your college experience. However, it is crucial that you understand the financial implications associated with completing your degree. This may include selecting the appropriate federal student loan repayment option or learning how to budget and manage your money. There are resources available to help you become an efficient and knowledgeable personal finance guru.

There are many loan repayment options available to make paying back your student loans affordable. Deferment or forbearance are options if you find yourself in a short-term financial bind and you need to temporarily suspend payments. There are also programs that can reduce the amount you owe or even potentially forgive your entire loan balance.

Learn what is available to you by visiting

Your financial wellness matters! Therefore, budgeting and financial planning for your future are also important post-graduation considerations. There are a multitude of resources available to assist you with creating healthy budgeting, spending, and savings habits.

  • iGrad is a personalized financial tool that can help you develop money management plans.
  • Cash Course guides you through developing ways to make informed financial decisions.

4. Career Services Exploration and Assistance

You should leverage every tool and resource available to you in order to maximize your job search efforts. Career services is here to help you every step of the way through their web-based educational tools, interactive programs, and individual assistance. There is literally something for everyone!

Handshake should be your first stop as you prepare for graduation. This career social networking platform helps students gain access to on- and off- campus jobs and internships.

Gain real world work experience, practice your interview skills with feedback, or find micro-internships and paid work opportunities to help build your resume skills.

You can also explore hundreds of career readiness videos or complete a self-guided career readiness courses at your own pace with CareerSpots.

The career services team is happy to assist you in the process. Please contact a staff member for assistance at

5. Continued Education

You may wish to further your education by obtaining a graduate certificate, master's degree, or Ph.D. You can explore programs, get tips about the completing application requirements, and apply for admission at Find answers to frequently asked questions about pursuing a graduate degree here: Graduate School frequently asked questions. There are numerous ways to help fund your advanced degree. Wayne State offers scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships.  

There are also external funding opportunities and incentives. Explore your options by visiting

6. Alumni Information and Resources

Welcome to your new extended family! We are so proud of you and all that you have done. You are joining the ranks of an alumni base that is more than 15,00 strong. Stay up to date on current events and discover ways to connect with your fellow Creative Warriors alumni.

Check out what CFPCA's recent commencement speakers shared about their Creative Warrior experience and tell us your story at

"Wayne State University has made me feel valued, cherished, and chosen," Kevin Papuga, 2021 public relations graduate.