The ceramics concentration teaches a diversity of technical and aesthetic approaches within the context of contemporary ceramics. The program emphasizes craftsmanship, a strong work ethic, artistic research and critical thinking. With a concentration in ceramics, you will learn how to take the  traditional art form of clay and apply it to contemporary artistic practice, translating ideas and emotions into compelling objects. You will learn how to utilize clays, glazes, and firing techniques. You will also learn about the importance of ceramics in the history of art. You will also learn about the fundamentals of professional studio management and building a career as a ceramicist, including admission to graduate programs and portfolio and resume development. Graduate students are directed toward a vibrant exploration of individualism, studio involvement and are encouraged to explore both historical and contemporary ideas in all media.

"So much of learning is self-driven. I try to set up my courses in a way where learning and development are the focus. For me this is about exposing the students to a range of ideas, techniques, or opportunities that they might be interested in and encouraging them to pursue those things further."

-Jessika Edgar, Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator

Career opportunities

  • Instructor/educator
  • Potter
  • Ceramic studio technician
  • Glazing specialist
  • Production manager
  • Slip caster
  • Mold maker
  • Firing manager
  • Ceramic engineer
  • Tile design and production 
  • Tabletop design and production 
  • Clay modeler (automotive design)



  • Main Studio (1500 sq. ft.)
  • Glaze Area (250 sq. ft.)
  • Clay Mixing Area (150 sq. ft.)
  • Kiln Room (300 sq. ft.)
  • Adjunct Studio (1400 sq. ft.)
  • Foundry Annex Studio (1500 sq. ft.)


  • 15+ potters wheels
  • Randall, Bailey and Soldner potters wheels
  • Brent slab roller
  • Bailey extruder
  • Paache walk-in spray booth
  • Alpine formulating tables
  • Soldner Pro. Mixer
  • Dough Mixer
  • Three 7 cu.ft. Evenheat kilns
  • 14 cu.ft. Evenheat oval kiln
  • 3 cu.ft. test kiln
  • 24 cu.ft. Bailey front loading electric kiln
  • 50 cu.ft. gas reduction kiln
  • Several Raku kilns and pit firing area

Student work gallery


Area coordinator