Heather Mawson

Heather Mawson

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Heather Mawson


Heather Mawson is an interdisciplinary artist that focuses on the transformation of everyday materials through labor and time-based processes. Whether it is through a breakdown of familiar objects, prolonged performance, or the repetition of materials, she investigates these objects and actions in order to question where the system ends and the individual begins. 

Academic Interests

Mawson’s research into cultural discourse in U.S. daily ephemera explores how every day occurrences create culture norms. More specifically, her current work looks at the conflation and saturation of consumerism and politics in mass communication. Through the process of collecting, transforming and organizing images and materials found within our day-to-day lives, she is attempting to locate and understand the construction of current U.S. ideologies, the paradigms it shapes, and the ways that those systems affect and create personhood. 

Degrees and Certifications

Mawson received her BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture and a minor in Ceramics from The University of Texas at El Paso in 2016 and an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2018. She has exhibited her work both nationwide and internationally.

Courses taught by Heather Mawson

Winter Term 2024 (current)

Fall Term 2023

Spring-Summer Term 2023

Winter Term 2023

Fall Term 2022

Winter Term 2022

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