Terry Kerby

Terry Kerby

Visual Resources Librarian

2161 Faculty/Administration Building


Terry Kerby


Terry Kerby has worked in the department at Wayne State University managing the visual resources collections for over ten years. Previously Kerby has worked in the field of visual resources at Lawrence Technological University, School of Architecture, California Polytechnic State University, Department of Art and Design, and University of Michigan at the Museum of Art and Department of the History of Art. Degrees include a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, and a Master of Arts from the University of Michigan in History of Art.

Ms. Kerby oversees a collection of over 125,000 art and architecture slides, used for teaching purposes for university courses. With generous support from the library and grant-approved funding from Omnibus, visual resources has created a digital image database using Luna Imaging software as a presentation tool. Currently the database contains over 140,000 images of art and architecture, maps, and other related visuals. The digital image bank will serve faculty and students as an important art historical resource for teaching and study purposes.

Ms. Kerby serves on the board of the Academic Staff Professional Development Committee (ASPDC) at Wayne State University. Subcommittee work includes the Annual Awards Ceremony for Academic Staff and assistance with the the ASPDC website. A longtime member of the Visual Resources Association, Ms. Kerby has been editor of the Slide Market News, co-editor of the Bulletin of the Visual Resources Association and currently serves as a member of the Intellectual Property Rights Committee. 

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