Department of Music students to produce combined musical piece for Wayne Redefined choral project

Brandon Waddles, Ph.D., a full-time lecturer in choral conducting and music education in the Department of Music, is excited to announce the next iteration of the hit program Wayne Redefined: "The Songwriter's Initiative."

Wayne Redefined kicked off as a virtual engagement opportunity to connect students with different Detroit-centric professional artists focusing on techniques within the musical arena; however, this semester, everything that is performed by Wayne Redefined choirs will be written and produced by members of the ensembles.

Madison Walters, a freshman majoring in vocal education within the Department of Music, is one of the students leading this semester's project.

"With Wayne State's choral program being fully virtual, Dr. Waddles has created a special project that is very unique, considering the circumstances," said Walters, who is the project manager for "The Songwriter's Initiative" and currently the head of the social media council. "We students are 100% writing, scoring, audio engineering and recording the music that will be premiered virtually this semester. We are creating three completely original pieces, which I have never personally done before, and we are all very excited for an audience to see [them] soon!"

"My vision is to educate, engage and expand the artistic mindsets of Wayne State's choral groups about the endless possibilities of the ensemble concept," said Waddles. "This project will challenge students to work together to create a fully fleshed-out musical product from its initial stages of inception to its final steps of conception.

"In Choral Union, we have selected three pieces from the singer body to be prepared for a combined presentation at the end of the semester," Waddles continued. "In Concert Chorale, the singers have decided to write a WSU choir anthem, with lyrics and music written by the ensemble members ... and it's gorgeous."

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Da'Stanza Murphy, CFPCA information officer

Leah Celebi, Department of Music academic services officer

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