Art & Art History Professor Lauren Kalman Curates "Masked" Exhibition Featuring Work By Department of Art Alumni Matt Lambert

James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History Professor Lauren Kalman has curated an exhibition, Masked, opening at Holding House in Detroit on February 4, 2017. The exhibition includes work by Department of Art alumni Matt Lambert.

Masked is comprised of jewelers and object makers who explore the transformative properties inherit in masks and augmentation devices. The works are either wearable or, in pushing the boundaries of adornment, imply wearability. These artists often employ photography or supplementary media to demonstrate the objects interacting with the body to produce subversive or amplified gestures.

Masked is a curatorial project by Lauren Kalman as part of her Knight Foundation’s Established Artist in Residence at Ponyride in Detroit, MI.

Participating Artists include: Matt Lambert, Tiff Massey, Jennifer Crupi, New Jersey, Imme van der Haak, Yuni Kim Lang, Tiffany Parbs and Yevgeniya Kaganovich.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Holding House will host residents from Alternatives for Girls for two days of workshops lead by Kalman and Lambert, where women and their children will be making, sharing and talking about concepts of the exhibition.

This workshop series and exhibition is supported by the Puffin Foundation, Inc. For more details, visit

Image credits:

Artist Name: Matt Lambert

Photo credit: Danya Ensing

Title of Work: The Joust

Materials: Digital Print 

Date: 2014


Artist Name: Imme van der Haak

Title of Work: Invisible Visible

Materials: Reindeer leather / video

Date: 2010