Course offerings

Inquiry courses are designed to help introduce students to the different perspectives, methodologies, and questions that shape the production of knowledge. This list displays a variety of courses surrounding culture; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); global learning (GL); cultural inquiry (CI); and social inquiries (SI).

Please refer to the table below for course and course prefixes to locate general education recomendations offered within the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. 

Department of Communication General Education Designation
COM 1700 Media Literacy SI
COM 2010 Introduction to Film CI
COM 2020 History of Film CI
COM 2160 Campaigns and Social Movements CI
COM 2200 Interpersonal Communication SI
COM 2300 Intercultural Communication DEI
CCOM 4040 Diversity in interpersonal Communication DEI, GL
James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History General Education Designation
AH 1000 Introduction to Art CI
AH 1110 Survey of Art History: Ancient thru Medieval CI
AH 1120 Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern CI
AH 1130 Encounters with Arts of Global Africa CL, CI
AH 3470 Islamic Art and Architecture GL
AH 3750 African American Art DEI
APH 5860 Social Documentary - prereq APH 2400 DEI
Department of Music General Education Designation
MUH 1340 Music Appreciation: World Music CI, GL
MUH 1345 Music Cultures CI, GL
MUH 1350 History of American Popular Music CI, DEI
MUH 1351 History and Styles of Rock and Roll DEI, CI
MUH 1370 Music Appreciation: Beginnings to present CI, GL
MUH 2210 African American Music History: A Detroit Perspective Cr. 3 DEI
MUH 3360 Jazz History DEI
MUH 5340 Survey of World Music CI, GL
Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance General Education Designation
DNC 2000 Introduction to World Dance GL, CI
DNC 2310 History of Dance: 1800 to Present CI
DNC 2400 Introduction to African Dance GL
THR 1010 Introduction to Theatre CI
THR 1030 Introduction to Black Theatre DEI
THR 1041 Musical Theatre Appreciation CI
THR 5751 Study Abroad: Moscow Art Theatre GL
THR 5821 Black Dramatic Lit and Performance DEI

A complete list of University's General Education Requirements can be found here. Further details regarding the University's Inquiry Courses can be found here.