Communication alumni

Notable alumni

  • Timothy Borchers

    Tim Borchers (PhD, communication, 1996; master's, comm., 1993) is professor and chair of the Communication Studies Department at Minnesota State University Moorhead. His teaching specialities are in the areas of persuasion, rhetorical theory and criticism, and public speaking. He is the author of Persuasion in the Media Age and Rhetorical Theory and Criticism.

  • Gregg Chenoweth

    Gregg Chenoweth (PhD 2003) is president of Bethel College. His articles have appeared in major U.S. newspapers (e.g. The Chicago Tribune), national magazines (e.g. Christianity Today), in two books and a 20-issue Webzine. His work permitted him to travel to Africa, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, China and, in 2009, to London to deliver a lecture at Oxford University.

  • Scott Crabill

    Scott L. Crabill (PhD 2008) is director of integrative studies and undergraduate initiatives at Oakland University. He teaches courses in public speaking, group dynamics, listening in communication, interpersonal communication, advanced interpersonal communication and interdisciplinary studies. Computer-mediated communication and interpersonal communication are his primary areas of study with a quantitative methodological focus. One area of particular interest for Dr. Crabill is the examination of white supremacist groups within computer-mediated contexts.

  • Gildasio Mendes Dos Santos

    Gildasio Mendes Dos Santos (PhD 2007) is the general director of Faculdade Salesiana Santa Teresa, Salesian Institute of Superior Education, Salesian University in Campo Grande, Brazil. His research interest includes the influence of the media on intergroup relations while exploring the very different facets of applied intergroup communication research and theory with a focus on social relations involving education, gender, race and age across different cultures. Among his most recent books on new technologies, art and new evangelization are:  On the BanksCast the nets,A tempo di bit (Italian), A arte de comunicarAs virtudes e os vicios da internet and A realidade do virtual, (Portuguese). He is a member of the International Communication Association, the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and the National Communication Association. In Brazil, he is a member of the Boarder of the Salesian Bulletin and director of the Salesian Communication Office at Salesian University.

  • Timothy Dugdale

    Tim Dugdale (PhD 1999) is a member of the faculty in digital media studies at the University of Detroit Mercy. Although he holds a PhD in communication/anthropology from Wayne State, Tim Dugdale's principal area of interest and teaching is creative writing, particularly the social realist novel and new journalism in all its various glories. He authored two such novels and is finishing two more. He also co-edits UDM's national academic journal, Post Identity. He is the graphic designer for The Dudley Randall Center for Print Culture, the University of Detroit Mercy Press, and he is also the founder of Atomic Quill Press. Dugdale is a committed theistic existentialist and has written on the relationship of philosophy to electronic music, celebrity and sports.

  • Kelly Jones

    Kelly Jones (BA, radio/TV, 2005) was the morning and noon anchor at KYMA-TV in Yuma, Arizona. From news to weather to her favorite - sports, Kelly helped jump start the day of those within the Arizona and California community. Kelly also found time to anchor a nightly entertainment segment on radio station KLJZ FM/Z93. Kelly bid farewell to Yuma when she accepted a main anchor position at KSVI/KHMT in Billings, Montana for the 6, 9 and 10pm award-winning newscasts. Kelly also delivered the viewer favorite "Does it Work?" segments each week, testing consumer products. Following Montana, Kelly spent the next three years as an American diplomat in Tirana, Albania and Brussels, Belgium. It was in Belgium where Kelly was tapped to be the Brussels Weekly newsletter editor. This publication is prepared for Embassy U.S. Mission to the European Union and U.S. NATO employees, family members and expatriates throughout Belgium and the world. Kelly joined CBS KFMB News 8 in February 2007.

  • Brendan Kelly

    Brendan Kelly (PhD 2006) is chair of the Department of Communication Arts at the University of West Florida. He serves as the president of the Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association, as an executive council member of the National Forensic Association and as vice chair of the NCA Argumentation and Forensics Division. His research interests include political rhetoric and argument, public address and forensic/speech pedagogy. Dr. Kelly was awarded the 2007 University of West Florida Distinguished Teaching Award, the 2007 Eastern Michigan University Outstanding Young Alumnus Award and was inducted into the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame.

  • Jeannette Kindred

    Jeannette Kindred (PhD 2001) joined the communication faculty at Eastern Mich. U. in the Fall of 2006; prior to that she was an assistant professor of communication at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She primarily teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in small group communication and organizational communication as well as the communication capstone course. Her research interests focus on computer-mediated communication, communication education and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her most recent projects include an investigation on the impact of health messages delivered in the online virtual world of Second Life, an investigation on the impact of individual only grading for group projects and an investigation into the use of case studies to teach organizational communication.

  • Priscilla Meddaugh

    Priscilla Marie Meddaugh is an assistant professor of English at Millikin University where she teaches courses in writing, journalism and media studies. She earned her Master’s and Doctorate at Wayne State, emphasizing mass media, rhetoric and political communication.

    Dr. Meddaugh’s current scholarship investigates how digital media technologies challenge established power distributions in the information industry, allowing previously marginalized voices to participate as producers of political and social meaning. Her research in journalism examines how contemporary fake news practices challenge the authoritative claims to the center of discourse, or official knowledge distributed by traditional news venues and information systems. She engages in a variety of research methods, including digital discourse and textual analysis, rhetorical criticism as well critical ethnographic practices. Dr. Meddaugh presents regularly at the National Communication Association and Central States Communication Association. Additionally, she has published in Free Speech Yearbook, Journal of Mass Media Ethics and Critical Studies in Media Communication.

  • Nicki Michalski

    Nicki Michalski (PhD 2001) is an assistant professor at Lamar University, Beaumont, TX. She also is assistant director of the University Honors Program and director of the basic speech program.

  • Hollie Petit

    Hollie Petit (PhD 2008) is an assistant professor at South Dakota State University. Her personal research interests include communication and religion/spirituality, conflict resolution and approaches to positive communication. Her recent publications include The Rhetoric of Channeled Texts: A Genre Approach (2009, Saarburecken, Germany: VDM-Verlag) and various contributions to American Countercultures: An Encyclopedia of NonconformistsAlternative Lifestyles and Radical Ideas in U.S. History (2008, Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe).

  • Richard Pineda

    Richard Pineda (PhD 2003) is an assistant professor and research fellow in the Sam Donaldson Center for Communication Research at the University of Texas, El Paso. His research focuses on Latina/os and their interaction with politics, media and popular culture in the U.S. Recent work, focused on immigration and the national debate surrounding immigration reform, has been published in Text and Performance Quarterly andArgumentation and Advocacy. Dr. Pineda was invited to speak about his research at Baylor University, Boston College, Tufts University and the University of Washington.

  • Donald Ritzenhein

    Donald Ritzenhein (PhD, communication, 1999; master’s, speech communication, 1980; bachelor’s, Wayne State Monteith College, 1968) is assistant vice president for academic personnel and contract administration at Eastern Michigan University. Previously, Don held the position of provost at Macomb Community College and dean of the Macomb University Center. A major focus of his administrative work is to oversee contract administration, the faculty hiring process, appointment of faculty and staff and preparations for contract negotiations. He also teaches public speaking at Macomb Community College.

  • Heather Seipke

    Heather L. Seipke (PhD, communication, 2002; graduate certificate, gerontology, 2002; master’s, communication, 2000; bachelor’s, public relations, 1998) is an associate professor and the director of the communication program at the University of Michigan – Flint. Her research interests include intergenerational communication and communication and aging.

  • Patric R. Spence

    Patric R. Spence (PhD 2006) is assistant professor in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. His research focuses on crisis and risk communication, examining audience perceptions of risk and emergency messages produced by emergency management organizations, government and news agencies; specifically, looking at how these messages motivate various publics to take action in light of perceived threats during the lifecycle of a crisis. Other research examines how the physical and psychological needs of underserved populations are handled in the context of public health events and disasters, industry response and the role of new media in disaster preparation, response and recovery.

  • Hollie Tanguay

    Hollie Tanguay (BA, speech comm., 2002) J.D. is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan.  Hollie's legal interests are in immigration and she clerked for an immigration law firm post law school.  Hollie earned her J.D. in 2005 from Valparaiso University School of Law.  She was a three year member and vice president of the Student Bar Association where she represented the student body and planned the school's various academic and social events.  While in law school, Hollie had the honor of interning with Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Chicago.  Additionally, while in law school Hollie was a two year member of Jessup Moot Court.  While at Wayne State, she was a member of the debate team.

  • Tara Tomcsik

    Tara Tomcsik- Husak brings over 20 years of experience in non-profit management, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Enthusiastic and passionate about developing loyal community/business relationships, she is dedicated to making an impact in her role as President/ CEO of the Troy Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ronald Woods

    Ronald Woods (PhD 1999) is a professor of communication at the University of Mobile.

  • Jeff Youngquist

    Jeff Youngquist (PhD 2007) is an assistant professor at Oakland University. His primary research interest is the relationship between perceptions of dominance and language. He also is interested in exploring the manifestation of student resistance to the teaching of diversity topics. His most recent publication in Communication Studies addresses the role that interruptions and dyad gender combination play in shaping perceptions of dominance.

  • Angela Windfield

    Dr. Windfield worked for over 16 years at Wayne State University in a variety of capacities including teaching, advising, and office management.