Elise Komer, Music Business major, named Presser Award winner

Elise Komer, a rising senior in Music Business, was named the 2020 Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award recipient by the Theodore Presser Foundation. Through the generosity of the Presser Foundation, this award is given annually to a Wayne State University Department of Music student for their musical and academic merit. Komer, who studies violin under Professor Laura Roelofs will be awarded a $4,000 cash prize to advance her musical studies.

"I am so honored and humbled to receive this award from a university that has had such an incredible impact on my education and personal development," said Komer. "I am so thankful to all of the faculty and staff that have invested their knowledge, talents, and passion into myself and my peers."

A native of Chesterfield, Michigan, Komer began her violin studies at the age of six. She was homeschooled and attended Macomb Community College during her final two years of high school. Since coming to WSU Department of Music, Komer has played with the University Symphony Orchestra as well as numerous chamber music ensembles. Recently, she has begun to expand her classical violin studies by performing with WSU's Jazz Tech Ensemble.

"Elise demonstrates all of the attributes the Presser Award is meant to celebrate," says WSU violin faculty, Dr. Laura Roelofs. "Her academic work is very strong; she is also a mature and focused young violinist who is constantly working to improve her skills and widen her musical horizons. She is already showing outstanding administrative ability as the WSU Orchestra Manager, and her positive attitude makes her a joy to work with. I am proud to have Elise as a student."

Outside of her musical and academic studies, Komer serves in a student leadership role in the University Symphony Orchestra as the orchestra manager working directly with the ensemble's music director and department staff to ensure smooth operation of the ensemble.

"I would especially like to thank Dr. Laura Roelofs for her support and investment into my musicianship. Additionally, I would like to thank Professor Chris Collins for supporting me in my journey with jazz, Professor Jeremy Peters for his development in my music business education, and Professor Kypros Markou for giving me the opportunity to manage the University Orchestra," said Komer. "I have learned and grown so much while a student in the Wayne State University Department of Music."

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