CFPCA Advising: What if I’ve been dismissed?


While dismissal is certainly an obstacle to a student's success, it does not have to be permanent. Dismissed students can apply for reinstatement, an opportunity allowing registration for future semesters, if the student is approved by the reinstatement committee.

How do I become eligible for Reinstatement?

First, you must have been dismissed from the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts due to continuous academic probation. Dismissed students may apply for reinstatement the SEMESTER BEFORE their 12 month dismissal period is up, to allow for a decision to be made by the reinstatement committee. Only students who complete a reinstatement application and all requirements on the reinstatement checklist will be considered by the committee.

What are the requirements of the Reinstatement Application?

See below requirements for reinstatement and/or dismissal appeal applicants. All requirements are due on or before the deadline prior to the semester of requested reinstatement. The deadlines are February 15, June 15 or October 15.

Reinstatement Application / Dismissal Appeal Form (PDF)
Reinstatement Checklist (PDF)

  • Academic Performance Self-Assessment (PDF)
  • Transcript Request Instructions
  • Academic Success Center Workshops
  • Study Skills Inventory
  • Learning TimelineReflect on all learning that you have experienced from youth to now. Create a timeline to portray important examples of how you learn best, instances when you have experienced challenges learning, positive learning experiences, etc. Somewhere on your Learning Timeline, also include advice to yourself and other students about what your past learning experiences have taught you about learning for your future. Use your creativity to make this project as visually pleasing as you choose!

If I can't apply for Reinstatement now, what can I do in the meantime?

Take the time away from Wayne State University to reflect on past academic effort and consider future steps toward academic progress, such as:

  • Taking community college classes
  • Setting priorities for yourself
  • Seeking support for your future goals
  • Tracking your future efforts toward academic success
  • Meeting with Erin, your Success Coach, to discuss your next steps

All of the above will increase your likelihood to be reinstated as a CFPCA student.



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