Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advising Resources

A letter from the dean:

Dear CFPCA Students,

These are difficult and stressful times, but with commitment, patience, and creativity we will get through them. Our communities of students, faculty and staff are strong and connected and this will help us move forward. I have faith in our ability to find solutions.

The Covid-19 virus has certainly created significant challenges and I'm sure you are all anxious and wondering what comes next. While facing what is an almost unimaginable disruption to our routines, the faculty and staff have found creative and innovative solutions to get all of our operations online. I want to thank them for their efforts.  

We are strongly committed to ensuring that quality teaching and learning goes on. To ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty, we have moved our classes and other activities into online and remote spaces. Our academic advisors will continue to be available to our students through a variety of online and remote means.  (

Departmental offices will be closed, expect in some cases for a very skeleton staff on reduced hours. If you need access to a computer or other equipment, please contact your professor. The Computing & Information Technology's (C&IT) resource page and the Help Desk (313-577-4357 or can also provide assistance. If you have other questions about program requirements or your degreeprogress, please contact your advisor. Additional resources for students may be found here:

I know you that this is a very stressful time. We will work with you to minimize any disruption to your degree progress. Please hang in there. Things will be different but we are creative and committed to your success. We will remain Creative Warrior Strong and we will be through this together.

Please visit: for additional updates.


Matt Seeger

Professor and Dean

What services and/or resources are available?

Advisors will offer remote and virtual advising through email, phone and MS Teams.  Your advisors will respond to emails and phone calls from you. It may take a bit of time but they will be with you. 

What services and/or resources are temporarily suspended?

For the time being, face-to-face advising appointments are temporarily suspended.  Drop-in advising services are temporarily suspended. Workshops and advising events are postponed. 

Whom do I contact with questions or issues?

Please contact your advisor directly. Your academic advisor information is on your homepage of Advising Works.   You can contact them through the links below.

General Inquires

Where can I get more information about COVID-19 and its impact on WSU?

How can I get technical assistance?

Who do I contact about Canvas issues?

  • Utilize the Student Training Course within Canvas
  • Contact the C&IT Helpdesk at 313-577-4357 or