Wayne State produces it’s first virtual dance production

Dynamic Perspectives

Theatre and Dance at Wayne, the producing arm of the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University is excited to share its first virtual dance production, “Dynamic Perspectives” through it’s website on Saturday, January 23 at 5 p.m.

“Dynamic Perspectives” is a virtual storytelling presentation that combines the work of our dance students from the Fall semester. Through dance and dialogue, we explore themes of healing, humanizing, and collectively engaging with our present moment. Through adaptability in our field, we were able to produce this display of resilient student experiences.

The presentation is a commemorative reflection on the Wayne State dance community’s efforts to navigate the present moment as the world grapples with the impacts of COVID-19. The project is devised, organized, and executed by students in the Virtual Dance Collaboratory (VDC) – a new company created to give students creative space to process, dialogue, and create work about the present moment and future possibilities. VDC is a student-driven collective whose structure has been built from the ground up. Dance students have said that this process has been like, “building the boat as we sail down the river.” As such, the dance department is provocation for a new way of working that prioritizes student-driven, collective working models that give space for dynamic perspectives and embraces massive shift. It is their response to the dance area’s theme for the semester. Humanizing Identities: Self-Healing through Resilience, Response, and Inclusion.

This event will begin with a live, 30-minute pre-screening conversation with the students involved in the Virtual Dance Collaboratory. This will be followed by the screening of student screendance projects, along with video interludes highlighting and student and faculty reflections of this past fall semester. Together, the project gives an intimate portrayal of how the department navigated remote education as a community.

Jessica Rajko, one of the faculty project directors of “Dynamic Perspectives”, explains how this work is important in today’s political unrest, stating:

“The former director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts and mentor of mine, Bob Booker, often said, ‘you make radical change when you have a lot and when you have very little.’ In this moment of collective grief for the loss of many community members, key institutions, and prior ways of working, we are finding ways to radically reimagine what it is we do as artists. Dynamic Perspectives is a story of resilience, response, and inclusion. It is a celebration of Wayne State Dance’s radical reimagining of what it means to dance together.”

Tickets to this event are pay-what-you-can with a suggested ticket price of $10 and may be purchased at www.theatreanddanceatwayne.com/shows/dynamicperspectives.








5 PM

Live Stream of the Presentation

Creative Team & Production Staff

Jessica Rajko (Faculty Project Director), Alesyn McCall (Faculty Project Director), Lindsey Sigler (Stage Manager), Ethan Williams (Marketing and Production Assistant), Kayla Gonzalez (Student Artistic Director), Joey Mattar (Student Artistic Director), Taylor Craft (Project Coordinator and Graphic Design), Olivia Kimes (Project Coordinator), Olivia Bonich (Social Media Coordinator), Taya Malgay (Social Media Coordinator), Amanda Benjey (Media Coordinator), Eric Blovitz (Media Coordinator), Miranda Roman (Media Coordinator), Molly Chieca (Project Assistant), Natalie Garban (Project Assistant), Andrew Pankiewicz (Project Assistant), Lucia Rumery (Project Assistant), Emily Hooper (Media Assistant), Elijah Lennington (Media Assistant), Katelyn Oliver (Media Assistant), Cody Swain (Media Assistant), Evie Gaines (Administrative Assistant), Lisa McCabe (Administrative Assistant), Katy McNarney (Administrative Assistant)munication Arts at Wayne State University. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in theatre and dance, including a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in either Performance, Design and Technology, or Stage Management; Bachelor of Science in Dance; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance; Master of Fine Arts in Acting, Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Stage Management, and Theatre Management; Master of Arts in Theatre & Dance with an emphasis in Teaching Artistry; and a Master of Arts in Arts Administration. Minors are available in Africana Theatre and Dance; Theatre Design and Technology, Theatre, Theatre Management, Dance, Community and Studio Dance. Additional information on academic programs can be found at theatreanddance.wayne.edu.

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Contact: Ethan Williams, theatrepr@wayne.edu