Two New Art/Art History Minors Available Fall 2017

Creative Warriors! The College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts’ James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History will offer two exciting minors beginning Fall 2017: Animation and Interactivity and Digital Art and Photography!

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Animation and Interactivity, will explore course work through the lens of New Media developments in Contemporary Art. Students will develop a framework where they will build skills in motion graphics, web content creation, videogame, character and asset design, and user experience design across various platforms and methods. Exploring the topics through a fine arts perspective will train students to research and develop ideas as creative producers, with the aim to foster innovative and critical thinking within digital media.

A minor in Digital Art and Photography offers students the opportunity to supplement their major field of study with a rigorous investigation of digital art and photography. The program will provide a rich academic environment that will foster creativity and spur innovative thinking. The three required courses provide students with a deep understanding of the production of visual language in video, photography and other time-based methods. From this dynamic foundation, they will choose a line of study thoroughly investigate advanced photography techniques, interactive art, or 2D/3D animation in a fine arts context. 

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