Register for FPC 1100 Computing in the Arts...

The College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts opened FPC 1100 'Computing in the Arts' to all undergraduates in the Spring term. FPC 1100 satisfies the Computer Literacy requirement unless your program requires a specific course in the major. This is a 2 credit course taught completely online through Blackboard.

FPC 1100 explores computer software applicable to the arts and other research needs. The course includes creating a basic website and considering the history of art and technology. The objective of the course is not a mastery of art production, but to ensure that students have the foundations of computer literacy to matriculate through an arts discipline.

There are books or programs to purchase for this course. Many of the programs are free to download or are available for a limited time as free trials. Access to a computer is necessary to participate in the course. TO FIND THE COURSE at, go to "Fine Arts –Interdisciplinary (FPC)" in the List of Courses/Subjects.

With questions, contact Lezlie Hart in the CFPCA dean's office,