Mobile Arts Program adds Heidelberg Project to list of 2018 sites

The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History will provide one-day Mobile Art Workshops for youth at various community sites in Detroit. Local musicians working in a variety of genres perform throughout the duration of each workshop.

Mobile Arts 2018Mobile Arts Workshop participants learn about abstract art and basic design fundamentals through a variety of art making processes using reclaimed materials provided by the Mobile Arts workshop staff. Each workshop includes warm-up sessions followed by extensive collaborative projects, accommodating approximately 10-15 participants ranging from the ages of 12-18 years old.  

Artworks created during the workshops are collected by the Mobile Arts staff and are installed at the Art Department Gallery for its annual Mobile Arts Workshop Exhibition. The exhibition opens with a celebratory reception that is free and open to the public.  

2018 Mixed Media Collage Project Description 

Part 1: introduction and individual collage compositions (one hour)

Examples of mixed-media works by Basquiat, Schwitters, and Rauschenberg will be presented prior to the hands-on portion of the workshops. Participants will begin with warm-up exercises and create individual collages on 10' x 10' panels using paper, oil pastels and paint. Participants can take their individual collage panels with them after the workshop is completed.  

Part 2: collaborative collage compositions (two hours)

Participants will expand on the exercise portion and create two 2' x 6' collaborative compositions on panels using basic and advanced reclaimed materials, including: newspapers, magazines, colored paper, wax, paint, oil pastels, and various adhesives. The panels will be coated with a clear varnish to integrate the materials and protect the surfaces for extended exhibition purposes.  

The panels will be displayed vertically as diptychs at the Art Department Gallery for its annual Mobile Arts Workshop Exhibition. A public reception will be held for the workshop participants on Friday, September 7, 5-8 p.m. The diptychs will be returned to each workshop site after the exhibition closes.  

2018 Mobile Arts Workshops Dates and Locations:

July 16

(1-4 p.m.)

Roberto Clemente Recreation Center, 2631 Bagley Ave., Detroit


July 17

(1-4 p.m.)

Clark Park, 1130 Clark St., Detroit


July 18-19

(1-4 p.m.)

Bushnell Congregational Church Educational Wing 15000 Southfield Fwy, Detroit  

July 20

(1-4 p.m.)

Patton Recreation Center, 2301 Woodmere St., Detroit  

July 23

(1-4 p.m.)

Adams Butzel Recreation Complex, 10500 Lyndon St., Detroit


July 24

(1-4 p.m.)

Butzel Family Recreation Center, 7737 Kercheval Ave., Detroit


July 25

(1-4 p.m.)

Farwell Recreation Center, 2711 Outer Dr. E, Detroit


July 27

(1-4 p.m.)

Mack Alive, 3746 Fischer St., Detroit


July 28

(1-4 p.m.)

Heidelberg Project, 3600 Heidelberg St., Detroit


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