Journalism major lands spot on cover of National Geographic Magazine

IS NatGeoIman Saleh, a fourth year journalism student in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts’ Department of Communication, recently was featured in the National Geographic article, “How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America.” Saleh’s portrait was selected as the cover image for National Geographic’s Arabiya edition. The captivating feature sheds light on the growing Muslim presence represented in a number of communities nation-wide.

A friend of Saleh, who was working on the National Geographic at the time, inquired if she would be willing to take a photo for an upcoming article. It was to Saleh’s surprise that not only was her photo included as an element of the story; she had also made the cover.  

IS NatGeo“I'm more proud of the beautiful story and the people they showcased in the NatGeo issue of Muslims in America than I am of making it in the issue,” said Saleh. “I hope that people in America will learn to accept Muslims as a neighbor, friend, classmate, or colleague rather than a threat. I hope that stories like these will cause conversations and bring the positive change I work to see.”

When Saleh graduates with her major in journalism, she hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting.  

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Photo credit: Wayne Lawrence