Exciting Winter 2017 Offerings at CFPCA's Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance

Are you interested in exploring something new and creative? Check out these exciting Winter 2017 courses offered at CFPCA's Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance!

  • DNC 2000: Introduction to World Dance

Description: Global perspective on and definition of dance, through assigned readings, writing, field trips, and laboratory experience. Focus on multicultural diversity, interdependent nature of dance.

  • DNC 2400: Introduction to African Dance

Description: Exploration of African and African derived dance forms, together with their integrated philosophy, music, art and theatre forms. Lectures, videos, concert attendance and reading assignments to learn and perform dances from selected African societies. 

  • DNC 2260: Yoga

Description: Investigation of breath, movement and increased awareness of the body/mind for dance and theatre artists through yoga postures and Vedanta philosophy. 

  •  DNC 2630: Hip Hop Dance Styles

Description: Study and practice of hip hop dance styles.

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