Dean Seeger comments on why Detroit matters...

Cultural Weekly (Los Angeles) magazine

The Los Angeles, CA, based magazine 'Cultural Weekly' published an all-Detroit edition under a general a theme of: Detroit may be bankrupt but its spirit and creativity are thriving.
One of the features includes numerous prominent Detroiters all answering the question: Why does Detroit matter? "Detroit isn't a city on the verge of collapse," said Wayne State President, M. Roy Wilson, M.D. "It's a city on the verge of transformation. Students who study here can take part in the reinvention of the American city. It's an unprecedented opportunity." "Detroit – from the expanding US frontier to the birth of the industrial revolution, to the arsenal of democracy to the sound track of the civil rights movement – has been at the center of the American experience," said WSU College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Dean, Matt Seeger. "We are the tough, gritty, tenacious and hard working. Detroiters are builders, engineers and artists; makers of things and writers of songs. Detroit matters because Detroit represents the creative ingenuity that is the basis of American resilience." "Few cities can boast the symbiotic relationship that Detroit has with jazz," said WSU Professor of Jazz Studies and Detroit Jazz Festival Creative Director, Christopher Collins. "Now in its 34th year, our event, along with the city, not only celebrates the history of jazz, but also the continual flow of creative artists that grows out of Detroit."