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The CFPCA Grants and Awards Support Team (GAST) is available to assist with research; creative activity development; and support within the College. Please submit questions and requests for support services to The GAST will respond to emails within two business days. 

The team offers both pre and post award support including: providing information on grant/award opportunities; helping with preparation of proposal packages and assisting with budget development; supporting faculty and departmental administrative staff with proposal development and award management activities; providing guidance on WSU and CFPCA grant and award policies and procedures, documentation requirements and deadlines; and developing training programs for staff/faculty on topics related to proposal development and submission, contract administration and award management.


Intent to Apply Form
Some external and internal (WSU) sources of funding require notice of an intent to apply.  A letter of intent (LOI) does not require the approval of your Department Chair and the CFPCA Dean before submission to the funding source. The purpose of the Intent to Apply is to inform the Department and College of your intention to seek funding from the source. Completion of the Intent to Apply does not bind you to submit a full application, even if invited by the funding source to do so.

The Intent to Apply form also will be used for funding opportunities that require university coordination. For example, some funding requests offered by the Knight Foundation and Kresge (among others) are restricted opportunities and must be coordinated at the College and University level. The Intent to Apply is an important initial step in identifying your interest in submitting an application. 

Please note, if you submit a line item budget with your LOI, you are required to secure approval from both your Department Chair and the CFPCA Dean. Do not use this form. The Grant/Award Cover Sheet-Approvals is intended for this use.

Grant Submission Cover Sheet Approval Form 
External and internal (WSU) grant proposals require the approval of the Department Chair and the CFPCA Dean prior to being submitted to WSU's Sponsored Program Administration (SPA). Please note if you are submitting a University Research Grant (URG), offered by the Provost's Office; or the College Faculty Creative/Research Grant, you do not need to complete these grant submission forms. The grant process cycle begins by securing the approval of your Department Chair. The process begins at least four weeks prior to the proposal deadline. Please note that proposals received outside of the timelines may not be reviewed and approved for submission to the funder. No submission may be made by faculty and/or staff without the approval of your Department Chair and the CFPCA Dean.

CFPCA Grant/Award Notification Form
The purpose of this form is to notify your Department and the CFPCA Dean that an internal/external source has elected not to fund the project or that your project has been approved. The grant/award notification form is to be completed immediately upon receiving a funding/award decision.

James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History
Primary Department Contact: Amy Hays

Department of Communication
Primary Department Contact: Diane Palma (with support from Charlyce Jackson)

Department of Music
Primary Department Contact: Kimberly Simmons (with support from Evelyn Williams)

Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance
Primary Department Contact: Maria Paglia-Militello (with support from Lynnetta Smith)

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