Exploratory Tracks

College is a great time to explore, discover your passions and shape your future. CFPCA students who start out on an exploratory track have the opportunity to learn more about pursuing a major in any of our four departments. The exploratory options include Exploratory Performing Arts for students interested in theatre/dance; Exploratory Music for students interested in music; Exploratory Fine Arts for students interested in art or fashion design and merchandising; and Exploratory Communication Arts for students interested in communication studies, journalism, film, media arts or public relations. Exploratory tracks are beneficial to students; the experience helps students learn more about themselves as they take a semester or two before declaring a major. 


Students interested in exploring dance, theatre or music should know that a successful audition is required to enter these programs. Students are considered for scholarships as part of the audition process. Many scholarships are only open to incoming students who audition successfully. If you are seriously thinking about one of these areas and wish to be eligible for scholarship consideration, please contact an exploratory advisor for more information right away by emailing Loraleigh Keashly at l.keashly@wayne.edu.

Exploratory Fine Arts students interested in art or fashion design and merchandising may apply for the Art Talent Scholarship. Were you to be offered this scholarship, you would be asked to declare a major in Art or Fashion Design and Merchandising in order to receive the scholarship.

Do you want to learn more about being an exploratory student in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts?  Check out the below links and feel free to contact Loraleigh Keashly at l.keashly@wayne.edu.