Contact the Office of the Dean

Matthew W. Seeger
Professor and Dean
5104 Gullen Mall - The Linsell House
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone:  (313) 577-5342
FAX:  (313) 577-5355
Visit Dean Seeger's online faculty profile in the Department of Communication.

Israel Sexton
Assistant to the Dean
(313) 577-5342

James Thomas
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 
(313) 577-1458
Visit Prof. Thomas' online faculty profile.

Loraleigh Keashly
Professor and Associate Dean for Curriculum and Student Affairs
(313) 577-5747
Visit Prof. Keashly's online faculty profile.

Joan Ferguson
Assistant Dean for Administration 
(313) 577-5362
Oversees the college's budget, computing support services, facilities and personnel.

Sausha Kellogg
Business Affairs Manager
(313) 577-9337
Oversees the creation, management and maintenance of the college's personnel and financial information systems.

Alison Piech Linn
Director of Major Gifts
(313) 577-5336
Connecting donors and alumni to causes that matter to them – our students.

Robin Collins
Academic Programs Coordinator
(313) 577-9443
Supports the administration of the academic programs within the college.

Gary Cendrowski
Associate Director of IT CFPCA
(313) 577-0294
Maintains all file servers and all college networking with the university's online "backbone." Oversees all hardware and software throughout the college.

April Hazamy
Major Gift Officer
(313) 577-0277
Connecting donors and alumni to causes that matter to them – our students.

Patrick Field
Alumni and Donor Relations Officer
(313) 577-1087

Maya Calloway Richardson
Academic Services Officer II
(313) 577-9178
Undergraduate and graduate assistance with degree certification for graduation.

Janine Dunlop
Budget (Administrative Assistant II)
(313) 577-5206
Commits funds for expenditures from the departments, advises and assists in processing forms for the departments, monitors and reconciles budgets.

Da'Stanza Murphy
Information Officer II
(313) 577-5448
Produces college-level internal and external publications and media releases, is the central media and P.R. contact for the college and manages the college's website and other promotions.

Erin Wiseman
Success Coach & Academic Advisor II
(313) 577-9455
Serves as the Success Coach for all of CFPCA's students.

Grace Serra
Art Collection Curator/Coordinator
(313) 577-9264
Visit the University Art Collection's website.

Chloe Lotoszinski