Contact the Office of the Dean

Matthew W. Seeger
Professor and Dean
5104 Gullen Mall - The Linsell House
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone:  (313) 577-5342
FAX:  (313) 577-5355
Visit Dean Seeger's online faculty profile in the Department of Communication.

Israel Sexton
Executive Secretary to the Dean
(313) 577-5342
Keeps and maintains the dean's calendar. Facilitates communications between the dean and the department chairs. Serves as secretary to CFPCA's Board of Visitors.

James Thomas
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 
(313) 577-1458
Visit Prof. Thomas' online faculty profile.

Loraleigh Keashly
Professor and Associate Dean for Curriculum and Student Affairs
(313) 577-5747
Visit Prof. Keashly's online faculty profile.

Joan Ferguson
Assistant Dean for Administration 
(313) 577-5362
Oversees the college's budget, computing support services, facilities and personnel.

Sausha Kellogg
Business Affairs Manager
(313) 577-9337
Oversees the creation, management and maintenance of the college's personnel and financial information systems.

Alison Piech Linn
Director of Major Gifts
(313) 577-5336
Connecting donors and alumni to causes that matter to them – our students.

Robin Collins
Academic Programs Coordinator
(313) 577-9443
Supports the administration of the academic programs within the college.

Gary Cendrowski
Associate Director of IT CFPCA
(313) 577-0294
Maintains all file servers and all college networking with the university's online "backbone." Oversees all hardware and software throughout the college.

April Hazamy
Major Gift Officer
(313) 577-0277
Connecting donors and alumni to causes that matter to them – our students.

Patrick Field
Alumni and Donor Relations Officer
(313) 577-1087

Kelly Driscoll
Academic Services Officer III
(313) 577-5364
Coordinates undergraduate recruitment initiatives and supports college-wide retention efforts.

Maya Calloway Richardson
Academic Services Officer II
(313) 577-9178
Undergraduate and graduate assistance with degree certification for graduation.

Janine Dunlop
Budget (Administrative Assistant II)
(313) 577-5206
Commits funds for expenditures from the departments, advises and assists in processing forms for the departments, monitors and reconciles budgets.

Da'Stanza Murphy
Information Officer II
(313) 577-5448
Produces college-level internal and external publications and media releases, is the central media and P.R. contact for the college and manages the college's website and other promotions.

Erin Wiseman
Success Coach & Academic Advisor II
(313) 577-9455
Serves as the Success Coach for all of CFPCA's students.

Grace Serra
Art Collection Curator/Coordinator
(313) 577-9264
Visit the University Art Collection's website.

Student assistants presently are Chloe Lotoszinski Sage Edmonds and Bailee Soper