The Linsell House


At the center of Wayne State's main campus stands one of the historic houses the university owns, restored and uses for administrative offices. Built in 1904, the Linsell House has been the Office of the Dean, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, since 1986. Please enjoy below CFPCA's chronological collection of items about, or featuring, the house.


2007 fall, winter, spring and summer watercolors by Robin Ward


17 May, 2001; click headline to read complete feature in PDF format.


This pair of brochures is circa 2000. Click on the respective images to peruse each in PDF format.



1999 draft artwork for letterhead (r) and matching envelope, CFPCA dean's office


26 Jan. 1993, click headline to read complete feature in PDF format.


Blank greeting/note card, front and back, with drawing by Denise Sellers, class of 1988; click on either image to view and read full size PDF.


The second floor Palladian window of the Linsell House inspired the design of this blank notecard, pictured at left with the metal
die used in embossing. Click on the card to view and read it in full size. Click on the photo of the window to enlarge it.


Click this State of Michigan letterhead from 1987 to read the Michigan Historical Commission's letter announcing the Linsell House being added to the State Register of Historic Places.


Click this US Department of the Interior document head to read the form submitted to the National Park
Service in nomination of the Linsell House being added to the National Register of Historic Places.


Masthead of the first newsletter circulated by Wayne State's new School of Fine and Performing Arts in spring 1987.
Many will recognize art professor emeritus, Robert Wilbert, at center. Click the image to read the article in full size.


Floor plans from around 1986 when the house was re-purposed by WSU to become CFPCA's Office of the Dean. Click the image to view as a large format PDF.


This aerial shot of Old Main is from around the late 1950s / early 1960s. The Linsell House is near the upper left corner.
Click on the image for a high-resolution version that expands the view northward to the New Center Area.


Click on this photo to expand and enlarge it. This is a 1956 eastward view from, probably, the roof of the Chatsworth Tower building.
The Linsell House is near the photo's center, at the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Putnam Street.