CFPCA's Dean's Delegates Program


Selected students from the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts (CFPCA) represent their department/major as leaders for the college and university. Students receive a scholarship for leadership training and experience. Students serve on the leadership committee and represent their department and major in suggested activities such as college and university level functions, Dean's advisory panel, student-to-student communication and community engagement. Committee participation may include direct involvement with recruitment, retention, and development activities, focus groups, marketing, social media practices and customer service development. Potential leadership scholars apply through the dean's office.

If you are a CFPCA student in good standing and want to know more about this opportunity, email Kelly Driscoll at

2018/2019 Delegates


Art and Art History

Claire Cisco is a junior working towards her BA in Fashion Merchandising. She is a recipient of the Marji Kunz Fashion Scholarship, which is awarded to students in the Design and Merchandising program who have shown exemplary work. This is Claire's first year being a Dean's Delegate. Claire is also a member of the Delta Zeta sorority and currently serves as their Assistant to Programming. She's super excited to be involved even more on campus and to hopefully inspire students to consider Fashion Merchandising as their major!

Dina Djedovic is a  student at Wayne State University studying photography. Vivian Maier, Rodney Smith, and Ben Zank are a few of her favorite photographers. Dina's goal is to learn new methods and techniques to develop her very own style in photography. She hopes her current and future classes teach her what she has yet to learn. Dina also collects Nintendo video games.

Abigail Turner is a senior at Wayne State University. She is studying graphic design and art history. Abigail loves packaging design along with layout design. She is originally a transfer student from a small private university. The change to such a big university was a huge transition, but she feels Wayne State made it an easy process.



Lucas Bell is a third year student at Wayne State University majoring in Journalism. His passion for cars and writing brought him to the Motor City to pursue a career in automotive journalism. This is his second year as a Dean's Delegate. Lucas graduated from Dexter High School in his hometown of Dexter, Michigan. He hopes to one day be an Executive Editor for a publication in the Metro Detroit Area.










Theatre and Dance

Alyssa Grabinski is a third year student at Wayne State University pursing a Bachelor of Science in Dance, and has a minor in Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. Alyssa is a Peer Mentor for the Theatre and Dance Department here at Wayne State. She has worked with a numerous amount of choreographers hopes to impact her community around her through the art of dance, along with aiding in any way she can.

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