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To delve into the intersection of business and entrepreneurship in the arts and communication, CFPCA created The Business of Art, an Alumni lecture series geared toward mentoring current students and interested alumni. Visit the Business of Art's home page often for information about upcoming events and resources available to alums.

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Spotlight on

Adam ‘Ade Ola’ Pascall, Guest Artist

Residency dates: September 9-13, 2019

Adam Ade Ola Pascall, fondly called 'Ade', was born and raised in Trinidad, West Indies. Trinidad is the larger of the twin isle republic of Trinidad and Tobago, where traditional Orisha worship has survived and is still practiced.

Born into the Spiritual Baptist faith, Ade, from the age of 13, began acknowledging or rather, experiencing a conscious awakening of the Trinidad and Tobago orisha traditions. It is from this place that Ori Bata speaks. It came as a revelation and inspiration from the universe. Ade has been a committed devotee for over 20 years and his understandings has transcended normal physical, mental and spiritual boundaries. His experiences have led him to create the "Ori Bata Technique". Ori Bata is a Trinidad and Tobago Orisha Dance and Performance Technique. Ori Bata is a Trinidad and Tobago Orisha Dance and Performance Technique.

Ori Bata is a Trinidad and Tobago orisha dance and performance technique for theatre arts that seek to provide a conscious awakening and understanding about the Orisha traditions of Trinidad and Tobago. Through its process, clear and transparent information about the tradition would be shared, without imposing religion/tradition or any associated ethnicity. Theatre Arts would be used as a tool to create a comfortable space of sharing and learning.

Ori Bata literally means "head" and "drum". It can also be understood as meaning " mind" and "body" or "thoughts" and "actions". The technique, however, encompasses all these ideas. It translates the aesthetic of the orisha traditions of Trinidad and Tobago into performance art and informs everything about the performance. Ori Bata can be referred to or understood as "SACRED PERFORMANCE ART" because it emanates from a spiritual way of life and maintains its traditional essences and reverence.

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